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For many years, stone and wood carving has been a significant form of art for Native Americans. Homeowners across the world treasure carvings crafted by Native American tribes. Wood carvings made by Native Americans can also be used as decorations. However, choosing the perfect carving for your home involves a number of factors, including those listed below.

Your Budget

The relative intricacy and different styles of wood carving means that prices vary, which can, at times, be confusing to potential buyers. First, come up with a budget as to how much you can comfortably spend on a carving without affecting your financial situation. Remember, the size, type of wood, and relative intricacy of a carving all play a role in determining its cost. Be sure to choose a carving that is within your budget, regardless of its size.


Wood carvings are available in different sizes, and it’s prudent to get one that will fit into your home. Whether the carving is meant to be hung or placed against a wall, it should neatly fit the space designated for it. Heavy carvings may need additional support, which is worth considering prior to purchase.


Different types of wood are used to make carvings. Besides hardwood and softwood, the types of material used may vary in colour and texture. For instance, if you’re passionate about colours, you might consider choosing basswood or mahogany. Basswood has a light colour, whereas mahogany produces a bright reddish hue. Other suitable woods for great carving products include maple, black walnut, pine, and oak.


As a lover of Native American carvings, you can choose from among free-standing sculptures, hangings, and hand-carved furniture. However, all these vary in size, making it easier for you to choose what you want. Most furniture products made out of carvings attract higher prices due to their large size.