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When it comes to Native American jewelry and accessories, uniqueness is vital. With this in mind, artists have taken it upon themselves to explore and experiment with all types of materials to make ornaments of all kinds. However, no matter what materials are used, these decorations are always beautifully made, and remain beloved by people all over the world. If you are looking to purchase some quality Native American jewelry, here are some of the most common materials used to make it:

Natural Materials

‘Natural materials’ refer to any elements that occur naturally on earth. Examples include wood, metals, and precious/semi-precious stones. Wood is often carved into whatever design is desired by the customer. The most common metals used for this include gold, silver, steel, and even titanium. Rocks and gems, such as diamonds, lapis, and turquoise, are also very trendy. Apart from these materials, some artists have used coral and pearls in their work. Some natural materials, like wood, are readily available, while others, such as gems, are much rarer. While conducting your search, you can break the monotony by visiting playamo site to enjoy a range of mobile casino games.

Animal Materials

In the Middle Ages, ornaments were made from the teeth, claws, and skin of fierce animals. The tradition has remained unchanged, and the same materials are still used to make jewelry. Seashells are also often used to make accessories. Also, animal bones can be combined with other materials to make outstanding ornaments. Once these materials are set in a pattern or painted, they can become almost unrecognizable.

Human-Made Materials

Human-made materials are any resources that do not exist naturally. Some of these materials can be hand-made or synthetically made. This includes any ornament made from plastic or containing plastic components. Such materials do not occur naturally, meaning that companies must mass-produce them.