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Jewelry and accessories go back a long time, and people are still in love with them. What most people seek nowadays is that uniqueness in the accessories. Luckily, Native American art provides precisely that feature, and even better, their jewelry comes in different types. Therefore, even though people have different tastes and preferences, everyone stands a chance to get something that suits their taste. Here are a few styles of native art.

Single Stone

Single stone pieces refer to earrings, bracelets, rings or necklaces with only one stone on them. The rock acts as a centrepiece and the main attraction. Sometimes the ‘stone’ could be an actual gemstone, for example, lapis, turquoise or malachite. However, sometimes it could be substituted by other materials such as wood, a pearl, corals or even a shell. Single stone pieces give that simple yet exquisite kind of look.


A cluster refers to a close arrangement of stones on the same piece. There are several ways that an artist could choose to cluster the rocks. One way is arranging the same size stones in a circular pattern. The stones could all be one colour or sort of a rainbow kind of arrangement. On the other hand, artists could choose to randomize the stones and place them in no necessary order. Either way, cluster designs bring out a sophisticated yet ravishing kind of view. They are sure to captivate the attention of anyone looking in their direction.


The row design also involves using multiple stones on a single piece. The difference from a cluster is that here, the stones are aligned in straight lines. Artists may choose to place the rocks in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal manner. Like in a clustered arrangement, the stones here could also be of the same colour or mixed up to bring out a multi-coloured kind of outlook.