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Artists all over the world strive to come up with designs and artwork that steal the hearts of art lovers. With this in mind, professionals have decided to experiment with thousands of different natural materials. One of the most commonly used of these materials is wood. Trees are readily available, thereby making wood the perfect raw material to refine into magnificent pieces of art and jewelry. Here are some advantages of buying accessories made from carved wood.


Compared to other materials used to make jewelry, wood is more malleable, and thus much easier to manipulate. This characteristic enables artists to come up with diverse designs, some of which are extremely complex. Furthermore, wood comes in different textures and colours, providing even more possibilities. All these characteristics associated with wood ensure that accessories made from this material are always unique.


Many people around the world suffer from allergic reactions to jewelry. These allergic reactions make wearing jewelry very uncomfortable for those affected. The good news is that wood, being completely natural, is bio-compatible with every skin type. Therefore, it does not irritate the skin. Wearing accessories carved from wood provides the wearer with comfort they might not have otherwise. The same cannot be said for accessories made from other materials.


One downside of jewelry is how heavy accessories can be at times. This makes it impossible for wearers to have them on for extended periods of time. Wood is much lighter, by far, than any other material used to make jewelry. Therefore, wearing wooden plugs allows people to wear earrings for extended periods of time without feeling much discomfort. Also, since these plugs are not very heavy, they exert significantly less strain on the wearer’s earlobes. With wooden jewelry, you can enjoy both comfort and glamour at the same time.