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Wood has excellent fibrous strength, which enables it to be carved into complex designs that other materials can’t handle. However, as much as wood gives artists creative freedom, there are still a number of factors one ought to consider when making accessories. If you are planning to make jewelry or accessories from carved wood, the following are some of the qualities you should

A Keen Eye for Detail

Art is all about the details, and as such, artists should have an impeccable eye for them. If an artist tends to overlook minor details, then the final product will not be as good as it could be. Therefore, for jewelry to be of high quality, artists must be willing to go the extra mile when paying attention to details. The finer the detailing on their artwork, the more attractive it is. Therefore, a good eye for detail is something that should never be overlooked.


Although wood gives artists more space and flexibility when compared to other materials, a high degree of accuracy is also required. One wrong move can potentially ruin an entire design. To avoid such scenarios, the artist needs steady hands and an excellent working plan. Planning is vital to pursuing your project, because, without a strategy, it is very easy for artists to ruin their work. Many excellent pieces of artwork have been ruined due to a lack of planning.


Every artist also needs to have a degree of creativity. Without it, artists would just copy each other’s designs. Authentic artists need to think outside the box to come up with completely new ideas. Integrating two or more models to come up with a new and improved design is also a show of creativity. Carving wood into any shape or design requires considerable creativity and foresight.